Party dress,Wedding dress

Party dress,Wedding dress

Jeudi 28 avril 2011

Dressing difficult

Dressing difficult, not difficult in no clothes to wear, but do not know how hard Pei-ling in which pieces of the right ... ... In fact, the dress is not difficult, with color clothing color and feel of clothing first impression, it has a very strong appeal that, if allowed to get the dress to play vividly, you must fully understand the characteristics of the color.

Light and bright colors to reconcile a sense of progress and expansion have a sense of dark gray color harmony and contraction with a sense of feeling back. Right to use the two color perception, not only can be amended to cover up lack of stature, but also stressed that highlight your strengths. Such as for the light under the weight of the body, should use light, soft fabric made of a dark skirt or trousers, in order to undermine the sturdy legs. Tall, plump woman with a coat when the choice is also suitable for dark. This rule applies to most people, unless your body is perfect, not as a way to hide anything.

Some beautiful colors piled always think the more "colorful." Set of five colors in one, over the body Luo Qi, gold hanging silver, the effect is not good. Dress was beautiful, not so much the price level, the key is accessories appropriate for the age, identity, customs and habits of the season and their environment, but the main body color consistency is achieved harmonious overall effect. "Color is not much harmony is beautiful", the correct color matching method, should choose one or two series of colors, as the main colors, occupy a large area of ??clothing, the other a small amount of color, giving the contrast, set off or to window dressing for key positions, such as collars, belts, scarves, etc., in order to obtain a harmonious effect of Unity in Diversity

Specific ways Well, if all of a sudden you no way to make sense of beauty, you can see more of the fashion aspects, or simply to consult with a professional teacher of color, I believe we will help you to.

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This woman will never be old

Years always blew out, so many women began their efforts to retain youth, cosmetic surgery, face lift, heavy makeup, weight loss ... ... but there is a place, always easiest to reveal your secret, and that is the eyes. Life gives you a lot, you have stolen a lot of light when a woman loses eye when the time is growing old.

Only one woman, will never grow old, that is inside a firm, strong, educated woman. They do not because of the passage of time erosion own heart, living and working in both stick to their principles and do not follow the crowd. Their beauty from the inside out, emitting a young, naive women do not have the charm. They always know what they want, not what they peacefully stood on their own position. They know how to love yourself more than anyone else, thoughtful themselves, narcissistic and self-pity is sad, narcissistic and self is wisdom. They know how to work and life is as important as, at home they are also fine and put on a set of three towers of gold silk nightgowns, their is another landscape.

This woman will never be old, their eyes always full of life, warm light. In the eyes of others, they are silky woman, noble, freedom, intellectual, and beautiful.

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Bare feet are not afraid of the shoes

There is a saying: bare feet are not afraid of the shoes. Means that something has the more bigger concerns. Have nothing to exclude the out anything. Not afraid to describe their own situation than people with high. In fact is very particular about shoes, is called: the shoes have a clue to refrain from casual wear. On today's talk about good and bad shoes.

First, the color of shoes, everyone has to pay attention to their favorite color, color implication of the subtleties, and interpretation of the good and bad information. Person likes and dislikes of the mentality of a certain color, with the different time and mood changes. Overall, the color of shoes should match his five elements. The color is gold with white, beige and gold; wood color is blue, green; a water color of black, blue; is the color of fire, red, purple; dependent territory of the color yellow, brown. For example: small-week stir the five elements numerology character is lack of soil, then the color of her shoes should avoid red, purple, and choose yellow, brown.

Second, the shoes comfortable shoes to pay attention to a variety of styles, such as shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, wedding shoes, boots, footwear, shoes; have high heels, flat shoes, old shoes, youth shoes; sandals , slippers; boots, overshoes, and so forth. Shoes to symbolize man's friend. The most common is for shoes, a symbol of the opposite sex, or a symbol of marriage. As the saying goes: "Marriage is like shoes, do not fit together only you know." Therefore, no matter what kind of shoes, must consider its comfort. If the regular order of a need, regardless of their awkward or even painful first step, then chances are your bad luck will come quietly. Therefore, if they are really professional and other needs, to sacrifice their feet comfortable, then do you put in the non-professional time, the right shoes immediately, so that my luck will not slip away. At the same time period in the career-related accessories to wear the town of evil (shoes).

Third, the shoes as if to pay attention to the different occasions to wear different clothes, different shoes on different occasions. Formal occasions you must wear the five elements with color matching, style matching shoes. For example: work, meetings, transactions, if not pay attention to the shoes match, then the shoes, the same sound evil, will bring you an ominous outcome. Encountered the villain, negotiations and other loss not been invited. Of particular note is the summer comes, many girls will be wearing sandals that looked like the back of the front with no shoes to work with, which shoes to wear for a long time, luck will run out loss, not to mention wearing the shoes and other formal occasions to negotiate the. In addition, some people sitting out heel shoes easy to similar half-shoes, or has simply take off your shoes, are extremely bad, the reason is unknown for itself.

Fourth, it is not appropriate to wear shoes at home some of the SOHU family, or do not need to wear formal shoes, often of convenience or laziness, casually put on a pair of shoes dangling. Results to the end of one afterwards, he seems to luck is not Ay. In fact, some are not always wear shoes in the feet, such as sandals. Remember: no longer wear the shoes can not change.

Fifth, pay attention to feng shui lace formal shoes usually have shoelaces, broken shoelaces must be immediately changed, changing his shoes and belt should be the same color, do not arbitrarily change the laces of different colors in different textures, otherwise there will be Meiqi on the feet. To fasten your shoelaces. Some people do not tie for convenience, or whatever one plug, Oh, so long time ago, your emotional life will be greatly affected.

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Sixth, Shen wear old shoes, used a symbol of marriage and career SHOES. Ten years ago, if you dug through your old shoes or old shoes, long shoes, or your colleague to send you a pair of shoes he wore. So, Dr Cheng told you, you may be from the Marriage and career changes. Please be careful not an exaggeration. Of course, the other children to wear someone else's shoes, said.

Seven, and want, to pursue some bizarre fashion shoes and fashion shoes favored by those grotesque, year, almost every day wear or changing their style and worn. Cheng remind you, unless you are the voice of the shoe, or models, or wear a wear compared to those found in the five elements of your shoes, according to the rules, right.

VIII, shoes collection to pay attention to the main collection of shoes stress three principles: First, the shoes into the cabinet to be, do not do not wear shoes for a long time to throw on one side, the shoes with the outside of the gas field, throwing aside a long time would "upset." Second, the shoe no more than your shoulder height, otherwise the pressure of your aura and the third is definitely the hub of admissions in the toe.

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Suit every style including the length of the collar and coordination with the face

Italian companies have the following characteristics: the relative lack of time, to be late; like Zhilaizhiwang, do not love mail call; the business world pay attention to dress, very elegant. Anyhow, the Apennine peninsula is one of the world's fashion center of friends.

Other gossip I do not say, strictly abide by the company during his employment confidential system to pointing me to just look at their dress etiquette Shidishimei it. Overall, that is: appropriate, fashion, simple, generous, and occasionally can be a bit fancy, but not as frivolous as the title to the landlord to the point of my icons, pictures, home to borrow GY fashion model photos, but also seductive similar style . Save you a head obscenity, no good health. With the rule: light-colored suit, wear light-colored shirt, dark tie and casual shoes with the model behind the tile floor of this very feeling of Hoh Xil, and the model eye depression, was a little small range of their children Apennines. The emphasis is with the mix of styles and colors to be revealed a concise, elegant; decent appropriate dignified, do not give a casual, no attention to the impression; not with a round neck T-shirt, should not wear white socks. Silver, light appears to fashion than in other foreign flavor, it is suitable for mental and physical types of foreign workers and the general situation more formal occasions. With the law: the low tone with the same color rendering leisure suit and T shirt is not sure when they should bear in mind that wearing a uniform color, uniform or accessory form the principle of unity, but with the color of not more than 3 species, or too fancy, LA public like butterflies.

Suit every style including the length of the collar and coordination with the face, it will be very easy to wear clothing with bloated and rustic feeling. Exposed underwear to show when the best quality cotton more, or more than a good jacket is also not cover you roll the dice a cheap underwear exposed. Leisure, is indeed enough leisure. Foreign-loving men of such dress or more client resources for the creative arts more than N-type. With the law: pinstripe suits and monochrome shirt and striped tie in the elite of the world, cotton and linen are the most preferred choice. One side of the light-colored linen suit wrapped texture, linen stripe detail absolutely shattered, men demonstrate a successful pursuit of quality of life.

Color One of the tie only deviation, or stripes or dots, compared to re-color tie, with a living sense of waves and Smart, people not only praised the sentence: Young Hero ... ah ... with the law: a light-colored shirt and dark jeans and thin dot scarves foreign boys will wear is quite eye candy, especially those over the pure white from head office, their blond hair and fair skin, tall stature so that they all have model potential. Dressed like this abound in our Italian enterprises, especially on Friday, as about to start a relaxing weekend, so dress up not only with dignity, but also to adapt to a variety of playground together. This beautiful picture always reminds me - doubly troubling Young Werther. With the rules: shirt and jeans and brown colored leather belt and leisure matte leather, with emphasis on such laid-back spirit, style and color of clothing is more lively than the business casual and crisp; shirt off Waichuan casual atmosphere, especially in general in addition to large than the boss), the head of other departments are willing to dress up, a no Logo shirt, plaid or solid color, a subsidiary of a more relaxed atmosphere.

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Mardi 26 avril 2011

The exquisite crystal sequins sewn on the bare yarn

From the details view, transparent plastic bags of ice with some of us the same purpose, and the texture of fine wool stitching is also not in conflict, the whole body shape and elegant.

The exquisite crystal sequins sewn on the bare yarn, so feminine dress, designer cleverly draws on elastic pants and tie, for the charm of the skirt into the campaign elements.

This handbag is Christopher Kane autumn and winter 2011 runway show a great easy-clear handbags clear, with the refraction of light different colored light.Simple Wedding Dresses   Bridesmaid Dresses

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Vintage tone with a deep red wine color jacket is hot this year

Fresh and lovely light blue sweater profile of relaxed comfort and stylish, the lotus leaf collar modifications greatly enhance the sense of sweet, wild Leopard and divided skirts layered design that is very suitable to create a sweet or light cooked Modeling.

Vintage tone with a deep red wine color jacket is hot this year, the popular choice, but also modified the fur collar, even more naughty and stylish, with the leopard pants and boots, neat and stylish.

Three-dimensional modification of the white dot suddenly appeared in blue knit together a lively and cheerful, loose knit sweater, or whether it is of real comfort to wear very well have been enhanced with the bare pink dress with gray primer Tousha Pants, seemed romantic and lovely.

Elegant and feminine MM beige can bring out the gentle side of soft, hollow inside the ride sweater design in a black shirt and jeans backing, thin and stylish, long fringed scarves knitted to create a good sense of the season.

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