Party dress,Wedding dress

Party dress,Wedding dress

Jeudi 31 mars 2011

First arrived in New York Trigère

First arrived in New York Trigère, initially working for the Ben Gerschel, followed by a Hattie Carnegie design assistant. 1942, Trigère decided to open his own fashion house, by her brother Robert Trigère size dresses Her first small exhibition including 12 sets of clothes, 1945, was extended to the country's department store buyers there. Since then, Trigère New York to become a respected brand, began producing garments. Trigère fine and simple design style, not too much decoration, or even most of the early use of color fabric. However, this simple does not mean she is a conservative doctrine of the designer, in fact, she was the first New York runway shows black models, please people,plus size dresses dark fabric lining with Chromic contrast is her favorite way. American Fashion Critics Award (Coty Award for design) has three times the award means to her, CFDA Design Hall of Fame in there by her presence. This year's Oscar ceremony, flowers at great length review of the black singer Lena Horne was Trigère a loyal customer. The Duchess of Windsor,plus size dresses the Hollywood star Claudette Colbert is also a list of her customers.

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In one sense

In one sense, Gay men and women designers is indeed the most trusted partners: they have a taste, educated,dress barn a keen sense of insight into the trend, with the full shopping mall with rounded patient, together Watch the common interest of love art films, has to go out and saw a good man, you do not then I'm on the shot against the common enemy-type friendship. That dragged on for eight years before it finally sent their love to the grave example of the female elite Kelly, will plausibly wearing Jimmy Choo shoes, Sex and the City of Feng Jian standing wave mouth, throw his voice like a shoe tapping the floor with a loud and clear like that: "If you leave this world only a man and a TV,dress barn I hope the man is Gay." - at least not if you want to watch Gay "Lipstick Jungle," when has chosen to change the channel to be clamoring to see boxing and baseball.

So when a woman who is about the aesthetic of fashion designers, have also traced or active status since the storm was when Gay, and not many people have unleashed a torrent of rage and even the cold heart. They used very close to the woman but not the same as a woman's delicate state of mind, plus size dresses to design a unique piece has a gorgeous fashion must work alone Zhefan achievements have won enough to make thousands of pet they become masters of the times

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From the ugly chrysalis to beautiful butterfly

From the ugly chrysalis to beautiful butterfly, the growth of life transformation experienced the best metaphor.deb Butterfly is a beautiful, free, love symbols. Butterfly graphics are also popular among women as a favorite decoration, many female stars are more willing to own some of the hidden parts of a butterfly tattoo on the pattern.(The picture shows John-Galliano2011 spring and summer work) in China, deb the butterfly is the mother of the Miao people generally ancestral worship the god, the butterfly symbol steeped in ancestor worship of the Miao people of the original sense, is a typical sign of decorative arts. Because the butterfly has a strong vitality, a feature that desire to reproduce offspring with the Miao People, growth is very consistent with the ideal of the clan, so the butterfly known as the Hmong in the myth of human ancestors, known as the "Butterfly Mama" to express the on the nature,dress barn the universe, understanding and awareness of the origins of life.

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Authority of the fashion magazine

Authority of the fashion magazine "Women's Wear Daily, " that his "Spice Girl Victoria and shoes than Imelda Queen greater impact on the epidemic",plus size prom dresses the famous Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs Zengyi his nickname to name a Money bag, fellow fans praised his "territory in the world of fashion has left the imprint of the Philippines,"... ... fashion blog, "Brian boy " owner Brian Yabo, a native of Manila, big boy, unexpectedly, through his Bowen sought after that big, "to teach people how to dress the Western world", and he represents have become a fashion blog family emerging force to be reckoned, are quietly subversive tradition of the past, designers and fashion media from the T-station to dominate the world.

The image of a neutral or even feminine bias, alternative but exaggerated costumes, with a strong smell of narcissistic self-photo, plus size prom dresses this is Brian on his blog, Ya leave people's first impression. As a web designer unknown, Yabo the age of 17 he started his own blog, from beginning is his hope to record their bit by bit in foreign travel, as most of the blog, like rookie, readers are his family and close friends . But the young age of "mother's fashion magazines like to read than watch NBA ", he quickly put the topic turned to European and American fashion, free, fun to Comment on major brands, together with the display quality of the clothing with their own Photo. Slowly, his love of fashion madness, a unique understanding of the trend and are the subject of ridicule into a blog-style articles so that the "Brian Boys " has been more and more attention, plus size prom dresses even in 2007, attracting the fashion guru Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs's eye.

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New short dresses

11 is quickly approaching and we've shopped the globe to find you the hottest prom dresses, hi-lo dresses, cocktail dresses, plus size prom dresses, prom shoes, jewelry and accessories for your special night. You'll discover that our assortment of gowns will fulfill your every desire. From the time honored classics to the sophisticated and sexy look of a new generation, Rissy Roo's is your one stop prom dress shop. We offer the most sought after and fashionable gowns from today's top designers including: Tiffany, Scala, Faviana, Flirt by Maggie Sottero, Alyce Designs, Cassandra Stone II plus size prom dresses, and many other top designers of 2011!


New short dresses and sexy dresses for Prom 2011 are being added daily. If this is the fashion statement that you are going for, be sure to check out the new 2011 prom dresses from Mori Lee Sticks Stones, Sherri Hill, Scala, Jovani, Blush, Hannah S. and Alyce Designs. New for Prom 2011 at Rissy Roo's you will find Pearl and Pink by Blush, as well as Terani Prom Dresses.dress barn plus size dresses plus size dresses plus size dresses plus size dresses

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Celebrity is so amazing

Celebrity is so amazing. Since then, Paris, Milan and New York the fashion capital of the Ya has opened the door to, Chanel, D & G and other leading brands shows in the invitation to pour in, "Brian boy " is no longer the only network,plus size prom dresses "Comment to suffer " the Grade leaders, has become the "fashion " magazine editor Anna Wintour sitting alongside care and other big media people T audience.

Today, "Bryant Boys, " the blog said traffic to 20 million passengers a day in his account on the social networking site Facebook long ago reached the upper limit of 5,000 friends in the "Twitter"on the approximately 52000 "fan." With the growing concern, Ya can be described as fame and size prom dresses He was "New York Post reported that "as the world's most popular celebrity blog is one of 9, known as "the trend of industry Muse, ""Optical Network"also named him the best blog writers full-time one Award within a year he enjoyed a luxury New York apartment without paying any rent,plus size prom dresses and "Brian boys"blog advertising revenue each year has exceeded 10 million.

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