Party dress,Wedding dress

Party dress,Wedding dress

Suit every style including the length of the collar and coordination with the face

Italian companies have the following characteristics: the relative lack of time, to be late; like Zhilaizhiwang, do not love mail call; the business world pay attention to dress, very elegant. Anyhow, the Apennine peninsula is one of the world's fashion center of friends.

Other gossip I do not say, strictly abide by the company during his employment confidential system to pointing me to just look at their dress etiquette Shidishimei it. Overall, that is: appropriate, fashion, simple, generous, and occasionally can be a bit fancy, but not as frivolous as the title to the landlord to the point of my icons, pictures, home to borrow GY fashion model photos, but also seductive similar style . Save you a head obscenity, no good health. With the rule: light-colored suit, wear light-colored shirt, dark tie and casual shoes with the model behind the tile floor of this very feeling of Hoh Xil, and the model eye depression, was a little small range of their children Apennines. The emphasis is with the mix of styles and colors to be revealed a concise, elegant; decent appropriate dignified, do not give a casual, no attention to the impression; not with a round neck T-shirt, should not wear white socks. Silver, light appears to fashion than in other foreign flavor, it is suitable for mental and physical types of foreign workers and the general situation more formal occasions. With the law: the low tone with the same color rendering leisure suit and T shirt is not sure when they should bear in mind that wearing a uniform color, uniform or accessory form the principle of unity, but with the color of not more than 3 species, or too fancy, LA public like butterflies.

Suit every style including the length of the collar and coordination with the face, it will be very easy to wear clothing with bloated and rustic feeling. Exposed underwear to show when the best quality cotton more, or more than a good jacket is also not cover you roll the dice a cheap underwear exposed. Leisure, is indeed enough leisure. Foreign-loving men of such dress or more client resources for the creative arts more than N-type. With the law: pinstripe suits and monochrome shirt and striped tie in the elite of the world, cotton and linen are the most preferred choice. One side of the light-colored linen suit wrapped texture, linen stripe detail absolutely shattered, men demonstrate a successful pursuit of quality of life.

Color One of the tie only deviation, or stripes or dots, compared to re-color tie, with a living sense of waves and Smart, people not only praised the sentence: Young Hero ... ah ... with the law: a light-colored shirt and dark jeans and thin dot scarves foreign boys will wear is quite eye candy, especially those over the pure white from head office, their blond hair and fair skin, tall stature so that they all have model potential. Dressed like this abound in our Italian enterprises, especially on Friday, as about to start a relaxing weekend, so dress up not only with dignity, but also to adapt to a variety of playground together. This beautiful picture always reminds me - doubly troubling Young Werther. With the rules: shirt and jeans and brown colored leather belt and leisure matte leather, with emphasis on such laid-back spirit, style and color of clothing is more lively than the business casual and crisp; shirt off Waichuan casual atmosphere, especially in general in addition to large than the boss), the head of other departments are willing to dress up, a no Logo shirt, plaid or solid color, a subsidiary of a more relaxed atmosphere.

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