Party dress,Wedding dress

Party dress,Wedding dress

Dressing difficult

Dressing difficult, not difficult in no clothes to wear, but do not know how hard Pei-ling in which pieces of the right ... ... In fact, the dress is not difficult, with color clothing color and feel of clothing first impression, it has a very strong appeal that, if allowed to get the dress to play vividly, you must fully understand the characteristics of the color.

Light and bright colors to reconcile a sense of progress and expansion have a sense of dark gray color harmony and contraction with a sense of feeling back. Right to use the two color perception, not only can be amended to cover up lack of stature, but also stressed that highlight your strengths. Such as for the light under the weight of the body, should use light, soft fabric made of a dark skirt or trousers, in order to undermine the sturdy legs. Tall, plump woman with a coat when the choice is also suitable for dark. This rule applies to most people, unless your body is perfect, not as a way to hide anything.

Some beautiful colors piled always think the more "colorful." Set of five colors in one, over the body Luo Qi, gold hanging silver, the effect is not good. Dress was beautiful, not so much the price level, the key is accessories appropriate for the age, identity, customs and habits of the season and their environment, but the main body color consistency is achieved harmonious overall effect. "Color is not much harmony is beautiful", the correct color matching method, should choose one or two series of colors, as the main colors, occupy a large area of ??clothing, the other a small amount of color, giving the contrast, set off or to window dressing for key positions, such as collars, belts, scarves, etc., in order to obtain a harmonious effect of Unity in Diversity

Specific ways Well, if all of a sudden you no way to make sense of beauty, you can see more of the fashion aspects, or simply to consult with a professional teacher of color, I believe we will help you to.

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You, sir, are a best writer,This blog makes a lot of sense !

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