Party dress,Wedding dress

Party dress,Wedding dress

This woman will never be old

Years always blew out, so many women began their efforts to retain youth, cosmetic surgery, face lift, heavy makeup, weight loss ... ... but there is a place, always easiest to reveal your secret, and that is the eyes. Life gives you a lot, you have stolen a lot of light when a woman loses eye when the time is growing old.

Only one woman, will never grow old, that is inside a firm, strong, educated woman. They do not because of the passage of time erosion own heart, living and working in both stick to their principles and do not follow the crowd. Their beauty from the inside out, emitting a young, naive women do not have the charm. They always know what they want, not what they peacefully stood on their own position. They know how to love yourself more than anyone else, thoughtful themselves, narcissistic and self-pity is sad, narcissistic and self is wisdom. They know how to work and life is as important as, at home they are also fine and put on a set of three towers of gold silk nightgowns, their is another landscape.

This woman will never be old, their eyes always full of life, warm light. In the eyes of others, they are silky woman, noble, freedom, intellectual, and beautiful.

Par dresswedding le jeudi 28 avril 2011


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